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Fruit Cabinet - Alder Wood

Fruit Cabinet - Alder Wood


Tint: Alder Wood offers a natural subtle light brown color becoming light brown with a reddish tinge overtime. It has a fine and uniform texture with typically no to a few knots..


Manufactured by hand in natural wood, each cabinet is unique. Panels are assembled in a traditional fashion, no easy machine cutting or screws.


Inspired by old French traditions, this useful and unique handcrafted fruit cabinet will decorate your home. Fruits and food are now fully protected from flies, gnats, tiny insects, rodents and pets! 

Made in the USA with love 🇺🇸

  • Handmade (each one is unique)
  • Alder wood. (natural color: subtle light brown color with a yellow or reddish tinge)
  • Black ultra-fine steel mesh (1 mm) on 4 sides. Designed for air circulation and be invincible against rodents, flies and tiny insects.
  • 3 shelves - includes 2 removable ones
  • Bolt door locking system
  • Metallic transport handle
  • Dimensions: 17 1/2 (W) inches x 17(H) inches x 12(D) inches 
  • Net weight: 7 Lbs
  • Shipped fully assembled


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