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Growing up in France, I have always been very attached to traditions and savoir-faire. Our great grandparents used food keepers, wooden boards on which fruits and vegetables were stored. Properly aligned, these fruits and vegetables would continue to mature naturally and take on beautiful colors.

Today, my husband and kids, here in California are fruit lovers. I knew I could do something about it and bring a ‘French touch’ to it that would make the difference. Air circulation between each fruit, protective mesh screen against tiny gnats, good visibility of the fruits inside, thanks to my HappyFruit cabinets. Always protected, Better everyday!

I draw my inspiration from old French traditions and decided to add a twist of contemporary style and size so that such cabinets can easily fit and beautify our kitchens or dining room.


The rest is history, learning the art of wood crafting, fast-forward to my HappyFruit cabinets.


Each cabinet is built by hand. I assemble each panel in a traditional fashion: no easy machine cutting or screws. Each item is unique and made for you in the USA with love.

Woodcraft atelier - Pie Safe building
Carpentry Work - Pie Safe design


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