Should We Store Fruits in The Fridge?

Today most of us do! This is a fact. Why is that? Is this really what’s best for us?

Before the fridge became mainstream, older generations knew to be attentive and to carefully manage their food reserves. As a result, everybody would develop greater knowledge of food and how to best store, mature and protect them.

The Fridge Brought The Convenience of 'Store 'n Forget’

The fridge has brought the convenience of ‘store and forget’ to many generations. We put everything in the refrigerator without asking any questions. It has become addictive. But at what cost? It is one of our largest energy-eater in the house. It hides our food from sight, often resulting in some being lost in the fridge. There is no denying it: volume storage promotes wasteful over-consumption. This is no secret that food will smell wrong as it absorbs the taste and flavors of other provisions. The process of food maturation is blocked or degraded.

Misconception abounds. In fact, science tells us that in order to refresh ourselves, our body does not need to consume cold items. It has been proven to be quite the opposite, as our body must work harder in order to actually raise the temperature of the food we ingest. Common sense shows that “eating a slice of watermelon kept at room temperature has powerful refreshing value, and keeping it in the fridge does not add to it.

Truth be told, the fridge still provides value. It is hard to keep some items such as milk or fresh fish or meat any other way. However, it is clearly time to challenge our use of it!

So Now, Should We Store Fruits in The Fridge?

Think about it, most fruits do not belong in a fridge.

In our modern lives, the fruits and vegetables we purchase are optimized for transportation and are not mature enough for consumption when they reach our homes.

They need to be given time to ripen in an open space at room temperature. Not to mention that hiding them from view makes no sense.

This is why I now store most fruits in wooden cabinets. It has become a passion that I share by designing and manufacturing HappyFruit cabinets, which are meant to bring contemporary style and natural protective storage for our fruits and food.

After all, it is not about getting rid of our fridge. It is about rethinking how we organize ourselves, how we re-evaluate our relationship to food consumption and how prioritize the goodness eating great fruits and vegetables.

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